Tolessandro the Fugitive


Tolessandro, named at birth as Alexi Mordanilo, lived what would, were he a less rebellious child, a comfortable life of privilege. Tole, as he goes by, was never satisfied living strictly by the rules, no matter how much his parents tried to keep him on a disciplined path. What time they could spare, however, was limited by how busy they were kept attending to their expansive trade network. As a toddler, Tole was taken in several long business trips with his father to Castille, and learned their language natively, along with his family’s language – Vodaccean. As he got older, Tole often ducked away from his parents to explore the city streets, learning from street performers, urchins, and vendors. On one fortunate afternoon, he met a butcher named Tony that suspected Tole was more than any average street kid. He looked after him many afternoons. Over the course of a couple years, Tony taught Tole all he knew about knives, instructing him in the locations of vital organs, and the importance of blade maintenance as much as any other skill.

Of course, Tole couldn’t always escape the formalities of the elite life, and he thus learned oratory, etiquette, dancing, fashion, and numerous other languages throughout his travels and formal education. But his love for the street life often meant interacting with less savory types, and sometimes those who were powerful and connected in the urban underworld. Tole, prone to occasional bouts of overzealousness, signed a formal wager that no man within all of Vodacce could split a quill with a thrown knife at 50 feet, as such an act should be physically impossible (he thought this because he himself could not do it). Tole was wrong, as a man appeared to perform the feat, and somehow succeeded. As curious as the coincidence was, Tole was not in a position to argue with the powerful, sinister individuals he was consorting with. Knowing that his wager of a life in servitude to Giovanni Villanova would not be in his best interest, Tole immediately fled to his friend, Veronica. Once at her house, he fetched his stash of emergency money and his blade. Veronica insisted on joining him, and to prove her worth, imbued his blade with strong powers of destiny. Thus, at the young age of 17, Tole adopted his new name and left for a life of adventure. Seven years have passed, and an odd encounter at the Silken Goblet, a tavern in Montaigne’s capital, would change his life again, forever.


Blood on the Tide Tolessandro