Mikhail Medvedev

A Giant of a Man


Standing at around 7’4”, he is larger than even his normally large kinsman. His 320 lbs of corded muscle make most people stand wary around him. His long mane of brown hair, and dark eyes add to his already feral appearance.

Advantages: Able Drinker, Large, Legendary Trait Resolve, Noble, Toughness, Sorcery

Hubris: Hot Headed

Renown- Titles-Son of Matushka The Strong Pyerem

Languages:Thean- speak. Ussuran-spoken, written, and read

Traits: Brawn 3 Finesse 2 Wits 2 Resolve 3 Panache 2

Skills: Pyerem-Man 2 Speak 2 Bear 3 Hunter-Stealth 2 Tracking 2 Fishing 1 Merchant-Steward 2 Athletics-Climbing 2 Footwork 3 Sprinting 1 Throwing 1 Wrestling-Grapple


The Medevdev family can trace its origins back to when the Mother first gave her gifts to her children. A mother would have a son, and the son would have a daughter. The gift of Pyerem has passed down through the line as such since the beginning. And living up to its namesake, every Medevdev has carried the totem of the bear exclusively.

Mikhail was born 22 years ago to the current matron of the Medvedev family, Alexi. His father, Arkady Ivanov, was proud to have a healthy son. After the birth Alexi called on Matushka to bless her newborn. In the middle of the night she came, and marked the child with a birthmark in the shape of a bears paw on each shoulder.

His mother could tell from an early age he would grow into a strong Pyerem user. And anyone who doubted quickly changed their opinions after seeing the large feral child. Always a full head above his peers, he soon came to be the largest Ussuran in his families region.

When he turned 12 his mother started to teach him how to access his gift. It was soon discovered that he could call on the spirit of the bear and assume its shape with natural ease. The only drawback was it seemed the spirit took control more than himself, and was difficult to return to his human form. But, with a lot of practice and meditation, he learned to assume the bear form and control it.

His father taught him how to survive in the wild, as only a man can. He learned the trade of hunting. For such a large man he was quite adept at stealth. He was also taught how to track and fish, both with the help of Pyerem became as easy as breathing. Arkady knowing that he may not always be able to rely on the gifts of Matushka taught him the art of wrestling.

When Mikhail became of age they had a large celebration. There was much drinking, music, and drinking. All that came to an abrupt halt, when out from the woods surrounding the family estate an old crone appeared. Mother Matushka strode into the center of the party and towards Mikhail. Before everyone present she gave him full access to the gift of Pyerem. Before walking back into the forest she had a quick word with Alexi.

The next morning Mikhail woke to an empty house. A letter from his mother was the only thing left for him. She was called by Matushka to carry out an unknown task and his father was to accompany her. He was to become steward of the houses and vassal families until their return. Mikhail had been steward to his families estate for a few years when he started to looking for a wife to carry on his bloodline.

As it would happen, he found a young woman, named Natalia, from the nearby town and visited her frequently. After a few years he purposed, and they were married shortly thereafter. Within a few months she was with child. Nine months to the day she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The child, Svletlana, was named after Natalia’s grandmother.

While his attentions were else where, his families coffers took a significant gain. One of the vassals has started to take more from the forest than what was necessary. The repercussions of which would change his life forever.


Mikhail was laying down in his bed, exhausted from his trip into the nearby town to visit his beloved Natalia. He was contemplating purposing the very next day, when he heard a creak of the floor boards. He sat up to see Mother Matushka standing at the foot of his bed. “Mother,” Mikhail tried to scramble to his feet when he felt the cold iron of Matushka’s nails on his cheek. Staring into her eyes he was frozen, half risen from his bed.

“Son,” the voice was as soft as the snow, but also just as cold, “your vassals have reaped the fruits of my forest more than is necessary. They have killed for pleasure and profit. Your coffers are full while my forests weep for the fallen. As you are the head of these estates, it is you are the one who must pay the price.”

Mikhail sat still under the icy glare of Matushka. “Your family has always used the gift well, and as such I will not take your soul.” A small breathe Mikhail was holding let itself out of his breast as Matushka removed her hand off his face. “But if you want your life, you will have to come and reclaim it.” She quickly brought an iron claw down across the left side of his face.

Now, Mikhail Medvedev has woken up in the middle of a forest. The first thing he realizes is it is uncomfortably warm. The forest was also much darker than his home in northern Ussura. Eisen, the name of the country to the west comes to mind. Next he comes to realize he remembers nothing of who he is. All that comes to mind is his name, his country of birth, and the gifts of pyerem.

As he sits in the middle of the path he woke up upon, he gets flashes of memories, or dreams he is unclear of which they are. The only clear image he gets is of a crone, and an iron nail being dragged across his face. He runs a finger from his temple to his bottom jaw, feeling an inflamed scar. It is sore, but does not appear to be infected.

While contemplating what to his next move should be, the sounds of a wagon come down the lane. Not sure of what to do he stands off the side of the road into the brush. As it passes by one of the occupants spots the large man standing off the side of the road looking rather bewildered. They called to the carriage to a stop and an Avalonian man stuck his head out. Wesley Deschain, a member of the Avalonian diplomacy took pity upon the obviously confused giant.

As it turns out the carriage already carried three other passengers. A senior member of the Avalonian diplomacy named Jack. A Montaignean and a Castillian which was odd, for some reason he could recall things of the world but not his own life, comprised the other passengers. The son of the Aldana swordsman school, Abanastre Aldana. The third was a strange named Christoff Biduex.He never removes his gloves and was witnessed by Mikhail removing a pair of woman’s undergarments. Now he rides toward Freeburg, looking to recover his lost past with a group of strangers.

Mikhail Medvedev

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