Christoff Biduex

A tall slender Montaigne male. Quite frilly, but he's not a SUNFLOWER!


Total and 100% man. Nothing can stop Christoff… except maybe heavy things, pretty women, good food, fashionable clothes, doors, boats, pirates, and possibly musketeers. Other than those things, and the creepy dark smelly stuff in the wounds of the world, nothing can stop Christoff.

So, maybe a lot of things can stop him. At least he looks good (he did a couple weeks ago; he needs to update his attire.)

Okay. He can be stopped, and is a little bit behind on the fashion scene. He is an extremely talented Porte sorcerer though. He can… uhm… bleed on things, hide about 10 lbs worth of stuff in the world’s dark insides, and bring things he bled on to him, and… HE CAN FLY!

No, he can’t fly and needs to work on being a better sorcerer. There is one thing he does have that’s better than all those other things combined: Money. Yes at least he’s not poor. We aren’t going to get into detail about how he got all his money, but he does have it and that’s all that matters.

One last thing. He’s not a sunflower.

Christoff Biduex

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