Wesley Deschain


brawn 2, Finesse 3, wits 3, resolve 2, panache 3.

Hubris: proud, advantages: left handed, contacts(2 allies(1 indebted), 1 confident, 1 informant) Rivalry 3 Reputation 7, acrobat


Courtier dancing 1 etiquette 2 fashion 1 oratory 3 /diplomacy 2 /politics 2

Scholar history 1 math 2 philosophy 1 research 2 law 2

Athlete climbing 2 footwork 1 sprinting 1 throwing 1 /break fall 1 /swinging 1

fencing attack 3 parry 3


Wesley started his life sure that he would be a swordsman of the Aldana school of fighting, but his own pride forced him to leave his pursuit when he was bested by another pupil during training. He instead became a diplomat, so he could see the world, and hopefully find adventure along the way. On a mission for the queen to Montaigne, Wesley finds himself in the brig after a scuffle with Armande Dupree. He is saved from certain death by a new ally, a senior member of the avalonian embassy, Jack.

Wesley Deschain

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