Abanastre Aldana

A hedonistic castillian swordfighter.


Traits Brawn 2 Finess 3 Wits 2 Resolve 2 Panache 3

Reputation 15

Advantages Swordsmans Guild, Castillian Universaty, Noble, Left-Handed, Combat Reflexes, Legendary Trait (Finess)

Vice Hubris (Hedonistic)

Backgrounds Defeat (Father-3) Vendetta (Armand Dupri-2) Reputation (Son of Aldana) Reputation (Swordsman)

Languages Theahan, Castillian, Vendel, Eisen (Speak only)


Aldana Sword Fighting Feint 2 Riposte 1 Tagging 2 Exploit Weakness 1

Fencing Attack 3 Parry 4

Courtier Dancing 2 Etiquete 2 Fashion 2 Oratory 2

Scholar History 1 Math 1 Philosphy 1 Research 1

Athlete Climbing 3 Footwork 3 Sprinting 1 Throwing 1 Side-step 1

Sailor Balance 3 Knotwork 1 Rigging 1


The son of Andrey Begarano Del Aldana, the head of the Aldana swordfighting school, Abanastre was born into a life of privilege. Being the son of such a reputed noble allowed abanastre to enjoy only the finest castillian education from a young age. Book learning brought no joy to him however and he found his way only when he was old enough to be allowed into his fathers academy.

As a surprise to no-one, fencing came quite naturaly to the left-handed heir of the Aldana. Working very hard, despite his natural gifts, allowed abanastre to quickly rise to the top of his academy. In short time there was not a man in his class that could compete with him. Success brought arrogance and pride with it however untill the day abanastre met a man he couldn’t defeat.

His father.

Upon his acceptence into the swordsman guild, abanastre quickly set out to the nearest tavern to celebrate. Enjoying his alcohol too much had always been a problem for the young aldana and that night proved to be no exception. Returning home after his night of drunken revelry abanastre was surprised to see his father. Andrey was appaled to see his son in such a state and the two came to words. In his arrogance abanastre believed his fencing to be equal to his fathers and immediatly challenged andrey on the spot. The contest was not even close. After embarassing his son in front of the servants, andrey left leaving only the castillian blade he had brought his son as a gift.

Taking the sword, abanastre now wanders the corners of Theah. Searching for the finest parties, the best women, and prehaps to even improve his skills for the day he’ll challenge his father again.

Abanastre Aldana

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